The level of equipment has greatly improved the hot air circulation oven technology into a mature stage of development

Some of the basic disciplines underlying the hot air circulation oven drying technology are mainly subjects that belong to the field of transfer engineering, and they have the characteristics of experimental science. The author has learned that the hot air circulation oven technology has a history of more than 100 years, but it still belongs to the category of experimental science.

As a more important mechanical equipment in the field of pharmaceutical drying, the hot air circulation oven uses air convection to dry the material, and the drying effect is uniform, and the temperature is completely selected by the user. The hot air circulation oven is also widely used, and is mainly used for heat curing, drying and dehydration of materials and products in food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

In addition, the hot air circulation oven has better sealing performance, has a bactericidal effect, and the material is safer, and can obtain a quick drying effect, thereby achieving the purpose of shortening the production cycle, saving energy, and improving product quality.

The industry believes that at present, the technology of hot air circulation oven has entered a relatively mature stage, and its products can meet the needs of most users.

Not only that, but some companies have combined with the current trend, using computer systems, enhanced controllability, increased automation requirements, and convenient for staff to operate.

However, some users said that some minor faults will inevitably occur during use. For some minor faults, there are manufacturers who can first observe whether the heated items in the hot air circulation oven are too dense, whether the high temperature filter is blocked, and the air volume is adjusted. Whether the board has been changed.

If there is no fault in the above, the user can judge whether the circulating fan is faulty. If there is a problem, the air circulation of the hot air will not be good, and the hot and humid air will not be discharged normally.

The user can also analyze from the fault phenomenon and the circuit principle of the oven, the oven can be heated, indicating that the output signal of the GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature controller is normal, and the PLC input and output signals are also normal.

After that, the user can check the PID adjustment parameters to see if the operation is considered, and the parameters are changed, so that the system has an abnormal operation. It is also possible to check if the circulating fan is operating normally and the steering is correct.

In addition to the above, the user can also check whether there are any problems such as broom, vibration, bearing overheating, damage, loosening of the fan casing, etc., which can be eliminated for the situation. Of course, it is also necessary to detect whether the solid state relay and the heater are partially short-circuited.

It is common to have a failure, but in order to provide users with a higher quality, more advanced hot air circulation oven, related companies still need to strengthen research and development and innovation.

Taking energy conservation and environmental protection as an example, some manufacturers have stated that the energy-saving type of the hot air circulation oven can be improved from these angles: increasing the inlet air temperature of the hot air circulation oven and lowering the exhaust gas temperature of the drying equipment. Increasing the inlet air temperature of the drying equipment is beneficial to improve the thermal efficiency of the oven.

However, the inlet air temperature is limited by the allowable temperature of the product, and in the co-current oven, the surface temperature of the particles is low. Therefore, the drying device inlet air temperature can be much higher than the product allowable temperature.

The heat preservation work of the drying system is done to reduce the various heat losses in the drying process. The heat loss of the hot air circulation oven generally does not exceed 10%. If the medium and large production equipment is suitable for heat preservation, the heat loss is about 5%.

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