Cutting fluid is an important supporting material for metal cutting

As we all know, cutting fluid is an important supporting material for metal cutting. Then everyone knows why add cutting fluid? What is the role of cutting fluid? Next, let Nobel Zhizhi come to tell you the answers to these questions.

The cutting fluid can be divided into oil-based cutting fluid, semi-synthetic cutting fluid and synthetic cutting fluid.

The main features of cutting fluid:

1. It is easy to dilute and durable. It can be used at the specified concentration. The life of the diluent is more than 1 year.

2. Good anti-rust performance and derusting function.

3. The cooling performance is good and the tool is more durable.

4. The diluent is transparent or translucent. During use, the machine table has no greasy feel and high processing visibility.

5. This product is clean, environmentally friendly, and does not smell. It gives the operator a cleaner working environment and no corrosion and swelling on the paint and sealing parts of the machine.

6. This product is non-toxic and tasteless, and has no adverse reactions to the skin.

The role of cutting fluid:


The lubrication effect of the metal cutting fluid (referred to as cutting fluid) during the cutting process can reduce the friction between the rake face and the chip, the flank face and the machined surface, forming a part of the lubricating film, thereby reducing the cutting force, friction and The power consumption reduces the surface temperature and tool wear of the friction parts between the tool and the workpiece blank, and improves the cutting performance of the workpiece material. During the grinding process, after the grinding fluid is added, the grinding fluid penetrates into the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel - the workpiece and the abrasive grains - the grinding chips form a lubricating film, which reduces the friction between the interfaces and prevents the abrasive cutting edges from being worn and adhered. Chips, which reduce grinding force and friction heat, improve the durability of the wheel and the surface quality of the workpiece.

Cooling effect

The cooling effect of the cutting fluid is to take the cutting heat away from the tool and the workpiece by the convection and vaporization between the tool (or grinding wheel) which generates heat due to cutting, the chip and the workpiece, thereby effectively reducing the cutting temperature and reducing the workpiece and Thermal deformation of the tool, maintaining tool hardness, improving machining accuracy and tool durability. The cooling performance of the cutting fluid is related to its thermal conductivity, specific heat, heat of vaporization, and viscosity (or fluidity). The thermal conductivity and specific heat of water are higher than oil, so the cooling performance of water is better than oil.

Cleaning effect

In the metal cutting process, the cutting fluid is required to have a good cleaning effect. Removes chips, abrasive chips, and iron powder, oil, and grit to prevent contamination of machine tools, workpieces, and tools, so that the cutting edge of the tool or grinding wheel remains sharp and does not affect the cutting effect. For oil-based cutting oils, the lower the viscosity, the stronger the cleaning ability, especially for cutting oils containing light components such as kerosene and diesel, the better the permeability and cleaning performance. A water-based cutting fluid containing a surfactant has a better cleaning effect because it forms an adsorption film on the surface, preventing particles and sludge from adhering to the workpiece, the cutter and the grinding wheel, and it can penetrate into the particle and the sludge. On the interface, separate it from the interface and take it away with the cutting fluid to keep the cutting fluid clean.

Rust prevention

During the metal cutting process, the workpiece is corroded by contact with corrosive media such as sludge generated by decomposition or oxidative deterioration of the environmental medium and the cutting fluid component, and the surface of the machine tool component in contact with the cutting fluid is corroded. In addition, when the workpiece is temporarily stored during or after the processing of the workpiece, the cutting fluid is also required to have a certain rust preventing ability, and the corrosive substances such as sludge in the environmental medium and the residual cutting fluid are prevented from being corroded to the metal. Especially in the humid and rainy seasons in southern China, we should pay more attention to the anti-rust measures between processes.

Other effects

In addition to the above four functions, the cutting fluid used should have good stability, and does not cause precipitation or delamination, oil deposition, soaping and aging during storage and use. It has certain resistance to bacteria and molds, and is not prone to mildew and biodegradation, resulting in odor and deterioration. Does not damage the painted parts, no harm to the human body, no irritating smell. Smokeless, foggy or less smoke during use. It is easy to recycle, low pollution, and the discharged waste liquid is easy to handle. After treatment, it can meet the national industrial wastewater discharge standards.

Hand hydraulic Pallet Truck/Hand Pallet Truck price/forklift


Hand pallet trucks are simple devices that make it possible to transport one or more pallets without the use of a forklift or other heavy equipment. Sometimes known as a pallet Jack or a pallet lifter, the hand pallet truck is relatively small in design, and makes it possible to slide a set of blades into to the open area of a pallet, gently lift it, and transport the pallet to a different location. 

Most pallet lift trucks are pump based, with the control located in the handle. The overall operation is simple and fairly intuitive.

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