What should I pay attention to when choosing a full-height rotary gate?

Full-height rotary gates are mainly used in access control situations that prevent violent shocks, such as football fields, prisons, etc. Compared with other gates, the main advantages of full-height rotary gates are: strong, impact-resistant and cannot be illegally crossed. In selecting a full-height rotary gate, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Sturdy and impact resistant: Rotating rods and peripheral guardrails need to be strong and able to withstand large destructive forces.
2. Safety: The biggest concern of the full-height rotary gate is that the audience is locked in the gate and cannot enter or exit. In any case (such as sudden power failure) must avoid this situation, relying on the principle design.
3. The weight of the arm is large, the inertia is large, and there should be no oscillation when the arm is in place.
4. Reliability: The reliability of the gate is based on the reliability and integration of various components of the gate. The selection of good quality components is the basis, such as card readers, controllers, displays, etc.; the integration method mainly depends on the design and selection of the control unit and the communication method. The presence or absence of lightning protection components is also related to the reliability of the equipment.
5, rotating life: moving parts will wear, key components design and selection is reasonable.
6, the glass material above the bar code reader: the bar code reader must be transparent above, the cost of plexiglass is low, easy to process and install, but after multiple brushing, the glass will wear rough, affecting the reading speed and accuracy of the bar code Therefore, wear-resistant quartz glass must be used;
7, the speed of ticket inspection: the large flow of the gate, the speed of ticket inspection is a very important indicator. The ticket inspection speed depends on the control mode of the gate, the communication networking method, the ticket processing software, and the mechanical movement speed. Generally, the gate response speed is within 500ms.

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