The Silk Road Challenge ended, but the road to Fukang’s overseas market development never stopped.

After 10 days, through Russia, Mongolia and China, after going through the Gobi, desert, flying stones, sand dunes... After 2019, the Silk Road Rally ended in Dunhuang on July 17, 2019. As an old friend of the event, the Futian Cummins team made a good news all the way, and finally won the runner-up of the T2 group in this competition. Although the challenge of the entire 5,000-kilometer race has ended, on this “Silk Road”, the road to the development of Futian Cummins' overseas market has never stopped.

Foton Cummins team won the runner-up of the T2 group of the 2019 Silk Road Rally Foton Cummins team won the runner-up of the T2 group of the 2019 Silk Road Rally

Mass production power competition, challenge more "impossible"

For the Foton Cummins team, completing the rally may be more difficult than other professional teams. In this competition, the Foton Cummins team competed as a manufacturer. Unlike the modified models of the thousands of horsepower, the power of the Foton Cummins team was all ISF2.8 mass-produced engines, all racing cars and The engine has not been professionally modified. Faced with the harsh environment and complicated track, the car can be seen as a challenge to complete the race, but the Futian Cummins team not only completed the challenge, but also returned to the record.

At the beginning of this competition, Fukuda Cummins related personnel once said: "The Foton Cummins team racing car is almost in the original state to participate in international competitions such as rally. We just want to use our mass production engine to compete in the extreme conditions of the event. The engine launched a challenge to prove the unique strength of the ISF2.8 engine."

It is not difficult to see that this is Fukuda Cummins' confidence in the product and its own courage to challenge the spirit. Of course, the confidence of Foton Cummins is not born out of thin air.

Foton Cummins - innovation without limits, challenges impossible Foton Cummins - innovation without limits, challenges impossible

Based on industry development and market demand, in the development of more than ten years, Foton Cummins has built a new intelligent digital model factory with industry 4.0 standards, and strictly designed engine manufacturing systems and workshops with world-leading technical standards and quality control standards. The production line includes the cylinder and cylinder head machine plus line, assembly line, test line, painting line and attachment line, and the equipment is highly automated to ensure product quality. In addition, preventive error-proof technology is widely used, from the source to quality control, modularized integrated design, reducing the number of parts by 40%, greatly enhancing product reliability.

This is the relentless pursuit of quality by Foton Cummins and the source of confidence in the products. Foton Cummins has thus established its overseas influence and user reputation.

Toyota Landings powered by Foton Cummins Toyota Landings powered by Foton Cummins

Into the overseas market has never stopped, passing the "commercial card" of the Fukang brand

With international competitions such as the Silk Road Rally, the Foton Cummins team is demonstrating its own challenge spirit and is also passing its own brand business cards to the domestic and overseas markets.

Since the establishment of the company, Foton Cummins has experienced nearly 12 years of development. Based on the cooperation between Foton Motor and Cummins Internationalization Strategy, the establishment of Foton Cummins is not only to meet the domestic market, to achieve localized production, but also to radiate the world and provide the world with advanced power systems.

Foton Cummins transmits brand business cards to domestic and overseas markets Foton Cummins transmits brand business cards to domestic and overseas markets

Unlike many domestic joint ventures that only produce products, technology and resources are in the hands of foreign parties, in the early days of the establishment, Foton Motor required the localization of the engine to be no less than 95%. From the secondary development of Cummins global products to the Chinese market, to the development of a new platform for collaborative development of global and local R&D resources to meet the needs of China and the global market, Foton Cummins adheres to the market-oriented development philosophy. Developed into a production system that combines the experience of Cummins around the world.

At present, Foton Cummins has 269 patents, with a cumulative sales volume of 1.37 million units. At the same time, based on Cummins' brand reputation in overseas markets, the overseas market has also been one of the sales pillars of Foton Cummins.

Up to now, thanks to the leading technology, high quality and environmental performance of the products, Foton Cummins Power has gone hand in hand in the Chinese market and overseas markets. At present, Foton Cummins products have been exported to more than 70 countries such as the United States, Britain, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, etc., the export volume accounts for 40% of the total sales, and the vast majority are Euro IV, Euro 5, Euro 6 and Non-Road 4 A cutting-edge product at the stage emission level.

Especially in the Russian market, Foton Cummins is developing steadily. China Truck Network reporter learned that even if the overall sales volume of overseas markets declined in recent years, Foton Cummins' export work to the Russian market is still stable with an annual business volume of 25,000 units. Since 2010, Foton Cummins light power has been sold to the Russian market. The main customers are Russia's GAZ, PAZ and Belarusian MAZ brands. Today, Futian Cummins Power has sold more than 200,000 units in the Russian market. It is worth mentioning that the Russian commercial light vehicle market GAZ has occupied 80% of the market, and the GAZ equipped with ISF2.8L power has become the leader in the Russian light commercial vehicle market.

GAZ racing car equipped with ISF2.8L power GAZ racing car equipped with ISF2.8L power

The development of overseas markets is also based on services. In Peru, 20,000 kilometers away from China, in order to win a large target of 300 targets, Foton Cummins and Peruvian dealers customized a X12-powered EST-A model similar to the user's existing vehicle, providing exclusive Customized service. The vehicle departed from Lima, Peru, for 4 days and 3 nights, and traveled 1,500 kilometers to reach the customer's mine. It simulated the customer's operation route and load, tested the fuel consumption and gave the best solution, showing the customer the excellent Fukang X12. Dynamic and economical. Through the actual test of high altitude and high temperature environment, Peruvian users are very satisfied with the performance of the whole vehicle and X12 products, and finally won the trust of Peruvian users. This case is just a microcosm of Foton Cummins' customized service in overseas markets.

Foton Cummins Power wins trust from Peruvian customers Foton Cummins Power wins trust from Peruvian customers

From the events of the Silk Road to the development of overseas markets, Foton Cummins has demonstrated its confidence in products and its emphasis on the market, and it has also perfectly integrated the two. For Foton Cummins, the Silk Road Rally, which is launched in response to the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy, is the way to hand over its brand business cards to the world. On this development road, Futian Cummins, who is brave enough to challenge, will not stop moving forward.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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