Le Bird: Wisdom fire + residual pressure monitoring system allows technology to protect urban safety

In the event of a fire in the building, the smoke-proof stairwell, the refuge aisle and its front room are the life passages for evacuation of personnel and the passageways for firefighters to carry out the rescue. The smoke resistance performance requirements must be ensured. From the perspective of smoke prevention, the low residual pressure of the mechanical pressurized air supply system is not conducive to smoke prevention, so the higher the residual pressure, the better. However, since the direction of the evacuation door is opened in the evacuation direction, the direction of the pressurized air supply is opposite to that of the evacuation device. If the residual pressure is too high, the pressure difference between the two sides of the evacuation door between the stairwell and the front room, the front room and the walkway will be too large, resulting in the door not being able to open normally, which will affect the evacuation of personnel and the rescue of firefighters. Obviously, the pressurized air supply design should first be based on safe evacuation.
Residual pressure monitoring system
At present, the pressurized air supply system itself has no ability to judge whether the pressurized zone maintains a certain pressure, or the pressurized zone leaks too much, the pressure does not reach the standard, the smoke prevention effect is not obtained, or the evacuation is caused by the excessive pressure. Blocking, and how to detect the condition of the pressurized zone in time, to pressurize the airflow at high speed, and to maintain a relatively stable residual pressure in the stairwell and the front room is a key issue. Therefore, the intelligent residual pressure monitoring system is set to ensure the pressure is sent. The inevitable choice of the perfect use of the wind system in a fire.
The residual pressure monitoring system is an intelligent system integrating industrial computer technology, communication, anti-electromagnetic interference, digital sensing technology and industrial field bus control technology. It can perform 24-hour real-time automatic inspection on the working state of the residual pressure of the evacuation channel. Give an alarm to the residual pressure in an abnormal state. In the event of a fire, the system can automatically regulate the air supply volume of the mechanical pressurized air supply system, or remotely control it at the control center.
The music LNE residual pressure monitoring system consists of LNEH residual pressure monitoring host, LNEK residual pressure controller, LNEC residual pressure sensor and LNEF pressure relief valve actuator. LNEH residual pressure monitoring host is installed in the fire control room. Monitoring, connected to the LNEK residual pressure controller through the second bus, the LNEK residual pressure controller reads the residual pressure value and alarm value of the LNEC residual pressure sensor in real time, and then decompresses the fan through the LNEF pressure relief actuator, LNEK residual pressure The controller can be directly connected to the LNEH residual voltage monitoring host to form a small system. The LNEC residual pressure sensor provides on-site residual pressure and residual pressure alarms. The LNEF Pressure Relief Valve Actuator performs control signals from the LNEH residual pressure monitor to control pressure relief.
The residual pressure monitoring system, as a member of the intelligent firefighting system, is recommended to be a series of products in the selection of small series, so that it is more convenient to be technically or later. Le Bird Wisdom Fire is your best choice.

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