Calmly coping with the new six rules of the country, Dongfeng Cummins

As a leading global power solutions provider, Cummins has relied on centuries of product development experience to continuously innovate and upgrade products and technologies to provide customers with superior performance engines. The 100-year China Tour showcased Cummins' latest innovations and advanced engine products, which attracted great attention from all walks of life.
National Six D4.5 engine National Six D4.5 engine

On July 5th, the “China to the United States” Cummins 100-year China Tour Exhibition came to the Dongfeng Cummins factory in Puyang, Hubei. At the ceremony of the Fuyang Station celebration ceremony, the first Dongfeng Tianlong flagship equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Guoliu Z14 engine was officially delivered to users.

Dongfeng Cummins production workshop Dongfeng Cummins production workshop

The National Six Engines of this exhibition have four major technical features.

Since 2005, Cummins has started to develop Euro 6 technology, and has taken the lead in using the EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR emission technology route. In 2013, it has invested in global markets including China. In 2015, after the upgrade of combustion technology and control technology, Cummins decided not to adopt the EGR system in the sixth phase of the country, and it can also meet the standards of the national six B phase and the European six D phase. The non-EGR structural design makes the Cummins Six Engines simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

Exhaust gas recirculation system Exhaust gas recirculation system

Wisdom Brain 2.0

From China 5 to China VI, NOx and nitrogen oxide emissions are required to be further reduced by 80%, while PM particulate matter emissions are reduced by 50%. Moreover, this requirement is to meet the test compliance at any time and any place under the full working condition. The Cummins Sixth Engine has completely upgraded the original electronic control system. The new Smart Brain 2.0 version of the electronic control system is more accurate and faster, and can improve the compatibility of parts, improve engine efficiency and ensure attendance.

Intelligent transmission system

In the sixth phase of the country, Cummins offers customers a complete range of powertrain solutions, including powertrains with AMT automatic transmissions and low-cost, high-performance e-shift intelligent assisted shifting systems. Both the AMT gearbox and the e-shift assisted shifting system are safer and smarter, providing customers with higher performance, lower fuel consumption and a more comfortable driving experience.

Complete powertrain solution Complete powertrain solution

Remote Service 2.0

Cummins Remote Services 2.0 includes digital innovation capabilities such as intelligent diagnostics and remote calibration. Through the Internet of Vehicles and big data analysis capabilities, Cummins can provide customers with proactive services, prompting customers to maintain and reduce their risks according to the power status. On the other hand, when customers need services, Cummins can diagnose and diagnose in advance through data analysis. And arrange parts deployment, recommend the latest service network and other functions to improve service efficiency.

As the first user to adopt the national six-card, Wu Tiedu, general manager of Guangzhou Zhongqi Transportation Service Co., Ltd. said: “Guangzhou Zhongqi is honored to be the first user to install Dongfeng Cummins Six Engine East Windmill. We are convinced that relying on Cummins to lead The technology, more users will choose Dongfeng Cummins, choose East Windmill, and will benefit from it, further development and growth." While winning the user's further trust, Dongfeng Cummins as the industry's six-card first to deliver the "power", also For the Tianlong flagship country six products to seize the market, and strive for valuable time.

Wu Tiedu, General Manager of Guangzhou Zhongqi Transportation Service Co., Ltd. Wu Tiedu, General Manager of Guangzhou Zhongqi Transportation Service Co., Ltd.

Technology leads to continuous realization of customer value

The data shows that Dongfeng Cummins has a strong production capacity of more than 200,000 engines per year, and through the introduction of rolling technology and self-development strategy, it has gradually developed in parallel with the European and American markets in product development, thus leaping and upgrading China's medium and heavy The technical level of the engine.

The technician is explaining the technical characteristics of the Z14 National Six engine to the customer. The technician is explaining the technical characteristics of the Z14 National Six engine to the customer.

On July 1, the National Sixth Emission Standard was officially implemented. On July 1, Cummins explained to the industry the key technologies of the Sixth Solution, demonstrating strong technical strength and determination to create greater value for customers.

Dongfeng Cummins Exhibition Hall Dongfeng Cummins Exhibition Hall

It is foreseeable, relying on Cummins' leading technology and excellent quality, more users will choose Dongfeng Cummins and choose Dongfeng Windmill in the future, and benefit from it. This is the brand promise of Dongfeng Cummins - with the spirit of continuous innovation and The quality of lifelong trust helps customers succeed.

Win trust with customer-oriented customized services

In order to better meet the diversified needs of different users, Dongfeng Cummins will also launch a better service experience while providing customers with advanced and high-quality products, and fully realize the customized service care of “people, cars and roads”. On the occasion of the Cummins China Tour, Dongfeng Cummins announced the establishment of the “Loyal Club” customer club (LoyalClub) to provide customers with 7 exclusive member guarantees.

Dongfeng Cummins leaders said: "Whether it is the innovation and upgrading of technology products, or the 'system, responsibility, efficiency, convenience, humanity, intelligence' customized "Laoyouhui" service system, the ultimate goal is to help customers achieve more value. In order to achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the customer."

Reading volume: Source: Cummins DCEC Author: Yue Feng

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