Basic application of ip broadcast intercom terminal

1. Which electronic map is supported
2. How to use fire alarm
Answer: The company has its own fire alarm matrix. A single device can be linked to 32 network terminals.
3. How to use the terminal on different network segments
6000 terminals.
4. What are our terminal devices?
Intercom class: IP visual integrated panel, IP voice integrated panel, IP voice split type intercom panel (1 drag 16 voice intercom panel), IP visual emergency help alarm box (stockless inventory Custom-made), IP visual emergency alarm column (custom stock customization)
Network broadcasting : audio decoding terminal, wall-mounted decoding terminal, on-demand decoding terminal, IP network visual audio column, IP network visible speaker, IP network decoding amplifier, etc.
5. What is the use of the TF card on the terminal?
Local recording and video storage : First, if you are using a terminal with video or audio capture, you do not need to plug in the server to turn on the recording according to the set recording time.
Save offline files and perform offline tasks : Second, accept the offline broadcast tasks sent by the server. Our server can send MP3 files that need to be played offline to the local TF card, without the need for server control. Play MP3 files in TF card offline to perform timing tasks.
6. Can the terminal video overlay time information and device name information?
Supports real-time picture time and title superposition settings, superimposed on the screen video resolution, bit rate, time, title content, IP address, MAC address, device serial number and other information.
7. Intercom at the same time can not store both audio and video into a MP4 file
The system records and records all the terminals, management centers, and mainframes participating in the intercom in a management server and synthesizes an MP4 file. The user can log in to the host or the center to retrieve video files.
8. System support does not support someone to speak loudly to the center or related personnel?
This function is called an alarm function. We assign the front-end device an alarm sound decibel size. When the device detects that there is more than this sound decibel, it will notify the monitoring center or the relevant personnel of the setup. Can be scheduled and full-time arming.

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