LED lighting fixtures that are easy to increase sales in store lighting!

Since entering the LED lighting industry, whether it is walking on the street or walking in the mall. I especially like to look around and see what kind of LED lighting is used in the street shops.

Especially when shopping in large shopping malls, everyone can often see LED track lights. I found that using LED track lights in these stores would make shop lighting quite flexible and convenient. The LED track lights can swing freely, causing the store to always be in a visual enjoyment, making consumers willing to enter the store and purchase desires. Below is the lighting to bring you to understand the characteristics and advantages of LED track lights in store lighting.


Usually when we carry out the decoration of the clothing store, the characteristics of the LED lamps are often selected as the light source. So what are the advantages of LED track lights used in clothing stores?

1. Compared with traditional halogen lamps, LED track lights can save more than 5 times, and the service life can be up to 10W hours.

2. Compared with other indoor LED lighting fixtures, LED track lights can adjust the angle up and down 360 degrees, which is convenient for all angles in the store.

3, LED track light design is elegant and generous, a variety of colors can be selected to meet the needs of a variety of different styles.

4, LED track lights green, no radiation, no pollution, can be effectively recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment.

5, high luminous efficiency, the use of optical grade lens, light loss, high brightness, low frequency flash, good illumination, health and energy.

6, LED track lights use wide voltage power supply, support 85V-264VAC safe voltage range constant current input, can guarantee the service life and luminous stability.

7, is a cold light source, the use of long-term use in the shop will not cause the surrounding temperature to rise due to heat.

8, LED is a semiconductor, will not affect the service life due to frequent switching of LED lighting, support fast switching.

9. LED track lights are solid-state light sources, non-glass products, which will not be damaged by impact and have strong seismic resistance.

On the store lights to remind the store business: LED track lights in the store lighting, there is one of the biggest benefits, that is, can be customized according to the use of the environment and shop style, so that you can have a personalized full shop display design.

Although the price of LED track lights seems to be much higher than that of ordinary lighting fixtures, its light source characteristics and power-saving features make it gradually widely used in stores. The commercial lighting design scheme for the store lights professionally enhances the visual marketing of the store from the aspects of selecting lamps and lighting design solutions. Welcome to inquire!

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