Mining, the number of ore samples during the beneficiation experiment

The number of mineral samples can generally be determined by the following conditions:

1. A large number of ore samples are generally taken from the pre-exploitation section of the deposit, and a small number of verified ore samples should be taken for the later stage of mining. When the ore reserves of the deposit are small and the mine production period is short, the sampling by stages may not be considered.

2. The ore sample should be taken separately from different ore bodies and ore sections in the deposit to meet the different ore dressing tests. If it is not possible to separately mine or do not need separate beneficiation, it is only possible to take a mixed ore sample and conduct a beneficiation test of the mixed ore sample.

3. For ore of different types and industrial grades, when the material composition characteristics and ore properties are quite different, they should be sampled separately according to different types of ore and industrial grades, in order to facilitate separate single ore dressing tests or mixed sample dressing tests.

4. For ore of different types and industrial grades, when the average grade of the main components and the content of the associated beneficial and harmful components are different, the ore dressing test or the mixed sample beneficiation should be selected according to the characteristics of the grade change. test. If it is not possible to separately mine or do not need separate beneficiation, it is only possible to take a mixed ore sample and conduct a beneficiation test of the mixed ore sample.

5. In order to make maximum use of the national mineral resources, when there is a certain amount of off-balance minerals in the deposit, the ore-preserving test ore sample of the off-balance mine should be taken separately to evaluate the possibility and rationality of its reuse.

6. When the ore body, surrounding rock and stone and rock veins contain valuable, rare elements and other components that can be comprehensively recovered, the detailed study of the occurrence and spatial distribution of these associated components should be taken. A representative sample of minerals is tested for comprehensive recovery.

7. A certain number of surrounding rock and surrounding rock samples of the ore body should be taken to facilitate the beneficiation test, and the type, composition and proportion of the waste rock mixed into the ore deposit are matched into the ore dressing test ore sample. The amount of waste rock allocated to the ore sample is determined according to the waste rock mixing rate of the mining design; when the mining bed has not been designed for mining, the open pit mine can generally be 5% to 10% (chemical mines are 3% to 5%) For the pit mine, it is generally prepared according to the waste rock mixing rate of 10% to 25%.

8. According to the requirements of the experimental research unit, a certain number of high-grade ore and near-mineral surrounding rock should be taken, so that the experimental research unit can adjust the grade deviation that may occur in the ore sample or meet the temporary needs in the test.

9. Rocks and minerals should be taken to represent rock samples of various types and grades and surrounding rock and stone with different lithologies and layers. The specific requirements are proposed by the experimental research unit.

10. Samples of tests such as crushing, grinding work index test and self-grinding medium shall be adopted. The specific requirements shall be submitted by the test unit.

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