163 models selected for the 15th batch of purchase-free tax new energy models

The core prompts: The data show that this batch of catalogues contains a total of 163 new energy models, of which 148 are pure electric models, and there are 8 plug-in hybrid models, and 7 fuel cell models are also included.


Geshi Automotive News On December 20, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally announced the 15th batch of "New Energy Vehicle Model Catalogue Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Taxes" (hereinafter referred to as "Catalogue"). According to the data, 163 new energy vehicles are included in this catalogue, of which 148 are pure electric vehicles, and 8 are plug-in hybrid vehicles, and 7 fuel cell models are also included.


According to Gasgoo's statistics, there are a total of 25 new energy passenger cars in the Catalogue, including 23 models of pure electric passenger cars and 2 plug-in hybrid passenger cars.

There are 81 new energy buses, including 70 pure electric buses, 6 plug-in hybrid buses, and 5 fuel cell buses.

A total of 57 new energy special vehicles, of which 55 models of pure electric vehicles (including 2 pure electric trucks), 2 special fuel cell vehicles.

Catalogue of New Energy Vehicles Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax (fifteenth batch)








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