Philips LED lights help exquisite Xiangtan construction

In recent years, in order to actively respond to the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, it has proposed to vigorously develop a circular economy, accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and provide sustainable road lighting solutions for the modernization of the city. The lighting technology industry is committed to creating a green and livable urban environment, and there are still questions about the effectiveness of energy efficiency over the years. According to the positive response from the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Du Jiawu, the real prospects of green Hunan will be realized through practical actions, so that the people can feel the changes and benefits brought about by the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Cao Yufang, secretary of the Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee, said that the construction of the great man’s hometown, the beautiful Xiangtan. Building beautiful cities, building beautiful villages, and building a livable ecology will enable the people of Xiangtan to live a green life of energy conservation, environmental protection and happiness. Xiangtan City Mayor Tan Wensheng said at the city's energy conservation and consumption reduction work conference that establishing a conservation-oriented society is China's strategic goal. Strengthening energy conservation and consumption reduction is an important task of transforming economic growth mode and is inevitable in alleviating energy constraint contradictions. Choice is an effective way to reduce environmental pollution from the source and an important measure to improve economic competitiveness. It is necessary to implement energy conservation and emission reduction in areas with high energy consumption and high energy saving potential as a popular project and people's livelihood project. Today, Philips LED lights light up Haitang Road, Yinxing Road, Dapeng Road and Yunlong Road in Xiangtan. After the energy-saving renovation of existing road lighting sources in Xiangtan City, it can not only improve the road traffic safety requirements by meeting the national road lighting requirements, but also save the city's road lighting electricity consumption of more than 1990 million yuan. Maintenance costs of more than 6 million yuan. It can save more than 6,500 tons of standard coal per year; reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6,400 tons; reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 450 tons. It will play a positive role in implementing the energy conservation and emission reduction tasks required by the province. Jiguang Philips LED lights illuminate Zhimei Xiangtan. Philips LED lights meet the requirements of "City Road Lighting Design Standard CJJ45-2006", and the road lighting energy-saving renovation is planned to use Philips' fifth-generation LED street light Exceed. Its energy-saving efficiency is more than 60% higher than the current sodium lamp, and it can provide warm white color (3000K, close to sodium lamp 2200K), preset upgrade channel, easy to maintain, all use environmentally friendly raw materials, safe and reliable performance. The use of Philips intelligent lighting control technology can effectively improve urban safety monitoring, road safety supervision, lighting energy-saving control, fire monitoring, atmospheric environment, noise monitoring and urban public facilities safety supervision. Using advanced Internet technology to integrate urban management and energy conservation, Philips LED lamps consume less energy and save on electricity costs compared to traditional lighting applications; using low-voltage operation means safer. Philips LED lamps are durable, eliminating the need for light source maintenance, reducing maintenance costs, 50,000 hours of service life and miniaturization of LED lamps, eliminating the use of hazardous materials in the production process, and reducing waste and pollution emissions. . Philips LED Street Light BRP371/372/373 uses a special lens developed and optimized for China's road configuration. Under the premise of meeting road lighting standards, it can significantly improve the utilization factor and reduce power consumption compared with similar LED street lamps. The concept of innovative technology and energy conservation and environmental protection will open up a beautiful road for building a smart and energy-saving Xiangtan. Jiguang Philips LED lights illuminate the city. Philips LED lights showcase the evolution of ancient Egyptian life and art in the United States; illuminate the famous ancient town of Hangzhou's Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal; dotted with Haitang Road, Yinxing Road, Dapeng Road and Yunlong Road in Xiangtan. In the first half of 2013, through the contract energy management model, the 802 盏 lighting street lamps of Xiangtan City Ji'an Road, Shuyuan East Road, Shuyuan West Road and Xiangtan Second Bridge were reconstructed, and the original energy consumption 210.85KW was saved to 110.64KW, and the energy saving rate reached 63.8%. The annual electricity saving is 1.123 million yuan. So far, the energy-saving effect is very significant. The measured average illuminance exceeds the national standard requirement by more than 30 Lux, and the annual light decay is less than 2%. It is expected that the light decay will be less than 14% during the contract period, far exceeding the level of other products in the same industry. The quality is stable and the durability effect reflects better. Under the guise of Philips LED lights, the modern urban beauty and energy-saving features complement each other. The light under the LED lights of Jiguang Philips. Jiguang Philips joint production base is located in the beautiful Hunan Xiangtan Tianyi Demonstration Zone. Jiguang Engineering Co., Ltd. was rated as China Green Lighting Education Demonstration Base by China Energy Conservation Association, UNDP and National Development and Reform Commission. With the aim of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, Jiguang Technology Co., Ltd. aims to create green, energy-saving, comfortable and safe lighting products, and add a beautiful night to the construction of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. Jiguang Philips LED joint production base is a global top 500 enterprise. The LED lighting production base jointly invested by Philips and Hunan Jiguang Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest LED industry bases in our province. Jiguang Philips LED lights illuminate the streets and lanes of the great people's hometown, and open the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly Zhimei Xiangtan. Let the public enjoy the green and livable urban environment in the ordinary simple life, and live a green life with low energy and environmental protection. Based on enterprising and pioneering, Jiguang Technology promotes the green lighting industry to the society and contributes to the energy-saving society and the low-carbon economy.

Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine


The Sandwich panels are widely used in villas,movable housing,industrial plants,warehouses,cold storage,cabin and other projects.




2.Roll Forming System     

3.Laminating system           

4.Cutting Device           

5.Hydraulic Station        

6.PLC control system    


Technique parameters:

Coil material: aluminum/galvanized steel/colored steel coil

Coil thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

Core material: EPS/Rock wool/Mineral wool

Core thickness:40-250mm

Production capacity:1-6m/min

Control system: PLC computer control

Power supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 60Hz (can change as customers request)


Working Flow:

Composite Decoiler - Roll Forming - laminating system (ribbon, gelatinizing, heating up, compounding, crimping, notching, edge trimmer) - cutting system - Runout Table- finished products

sandwich panel work flow

Our sandwich panel Roll Forming Machine can greatly simplifie the production process and improve production efficiency.

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Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine,Steel Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine,Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Compounding Machine