69 China National Heavy Duty Trucks, Smart Smart Dump Trucks Help “Peony Flower City Blue Sky Action”

On December 16, 2016, Zhengzhou Branch of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Co., Ltd. teamed with Luoyang Haowei Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. to hold the launching ceremony and series of activities of China National Heavy Duty Trucks Smart Landfill Vehicle Project overture of the “Peony Flower City Blue Sky Action” prelude. Leaders of Luoyang City Supervision Bureau, leaders of Luoyang City Transportation Management Bureau, leaders of Luohe District and townships, and Xiaoli Village Secretary of Luohe District all came to observe and guide China National Heavy Duty Truck and seven local transportation company customer representatives signed a “strategic strategy” The first intention agreement was for cooperative car purchases, and the event eventually won 69 orders from the site.
Http://dnf.duowan.cn/1612/346240380989.html Haohe intelligent residue truck

At the end of March 2016, the Luoyang Municipal Government and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group held a launching ceremony and series of activities for the environmental sanitation smart new vehicle exhibition named “Operation Peony Flower City Blue Sky”. Zhengzhou Branch and the local distribution unit actively visited and docked Luoyang City Cinderage Management Department, environmental protection department, slag transportation company, and CSC large users, and actively promoted China National Heavy Duty Truck Group 5 new environmentally friendly muck and sanitation vehicles.

At the end of November, Luoyang City High-tech Zone first introduced a single-man sanitation washing vehicle using Mantech technology, which opened the prelude to the ordering of CNHTC's environmental sanitation construction garbage vehicles. Subsequently, China National Heavy Duty Truck and seven customer representatives in Luoyang signed the "first intention agreement on strategic cooperative car purchase." Since then, a further stop has been added to the demonstration city of China National Heavy Duty Truck's slag and earth-moving ecosystem - Luoyang, Henan Province.

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