Significance of research on arm-lifting garbage truck

Garbage disposal is an important part of urban construction and management and is closely related to people’s lives. With the development of our country’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the amount of waste that the sanitation department needs to handle has increased from the number to the species. Undoubtedly, the amount of garbage disposal will increase, so that the efficiency of garbage disposal will be an important issue for us. The disposal of waste includes the collection, transportation and final disposal of waste, of which waste transportation is an important link, not only because its efficiency directly affects the efficiency of the entire waste disposal work, but also if the transportation tools are inadvertently selected, they will be transported. Leakage, exhaust gas and other pollution, seriously affect the waste disposal and urban environment.

The pull arm type garbage truck is a dumping type garbage transfer vehicle with a box body. The on-board working device realizes the function of automatic loading and unloading of the box and the tilt of the garbage through a linkage mechanism. Due to the relatively high work efficiency of this type of vehicle, it is widely used for the loading, unloading, and unloading of various types of goods. Its working principle is to transfer the garbage to the station, use the on-board working device of the pull-arm car, pull the garbage container on the garbage truck, and then transport it to the garbage disposal point for discharge. When unloading, there is no need to unload the garbage container. Push the container directly, dump it, and dump the garbage. After emptying, the garbage truck directly transports empty containers back to the garbage transfer station. It is characterized by simple operation, high work efficiency, good maneuverability, good cabin sealing, large amount of garbage transported, and less pollution to the environment. It is suitable for garbage disposal systems that use garbage collection methods.

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