Cable withstand voltage tester features

Cable withstand voltage tester Features 1, similar products are smaller, lighter weight, more beautiful, more reliable, easy to operate, full-featured, easy to use in the field.

2. The cable withstand voltage tester has added a high-precision 75% UDC-1mA function, which makes the measurement of the zinc oxide arrester very convenient. A simple press does not require calculation. The instrument control box has 75% of the voltage function keys. When doing the arrester test, when the current rises to 1000uA, press the 0.75UDC--1mA button. At this time, the value displayed by the voltmeter and ammeter is 75%. The data should be immediately after the adjustment of the piezoelectric device back to zero, and immediately press the green button, cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch. Do other tests.

3, cable withstand voltage tester instrument main components are selected the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries imported advanced technology components, durable, not afraid of direct short-circuit discharge to the ground.

4, high precision and accurate measurement. Both voltage and current meters are digital display. The voltage resolution is 0.1kV and the current resolution is 1uA. The voltage meter on the control box directly displays the voltage value added to the load test sample. No voltage divider is needed when using, and the wiring is simple. The instrument has high and low voltage side to measure leakage current, and the high voltage end adopts round shield digital meter display. It is not afraid of discharge shock and has good anti-interference performance. It is suitable for field use.

5, high voltage regulation stability, full range smooth voltage regulator, the output voltage regulator adopts imported single multi-turn potentiometer, steady pressure boosting process, high adjustment accuracy.

6, the cable voltage tester negative output, zero start, continuous adjustable, there are over-voltage, over-current, return to zero, ground protection, unique disconnection protection and other protection functions. The automatic protection circuit has strong functions, perfect and reliable protection, and safe operation. All kinds of technical indicators are better than industry standards.

7, using advanced technology, process manufacturing, the first to apply the latest PWM IF pulse width modulation technology, pulse array logic array modulation, high-power IGBT devices and large voltage feedback, so that the output high-pressure stability is higher, the ripple coefficient is smaller.

8, the cable withstand voltage tester convenient over-voltage setting setting function, using a digital dial switch, can intuitively display the setting voltage value, so that you operate more freely, the display value unit is kV.

9. Double pressure tube adopts American technology to develop and produce. Intermediate frequency transformer is specially designed by related experts, small in size, large in capacity, strong in overload capacity, and convenient for on-site operation test.

10. There are three built-in support feet at the bottom of the cable voltage tester , which increases the stability of the double pressure cylinder.

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