Just two steps can make the driver's license "effective for life!"

Just two steps can make the driver's license "lifelong effective", you are not very curious? Look together.

Just 2 steps to achieve the first step

The initial driver’s license is valid for 6 years. As long as you have not been deducted 12 points in each of the 6 valid periods, the second time you apply for a new driver’s license is 10 years.

Second step

After you apply for a driver's license for the second time, as long as you are not deducted 12 points in each scoring period of the 10 year validity period, the new driver's license that you have applied for for the third time is a "lifetime valid" driver's license. There's no need to go for a replacement.

The Ministry of Public Security's decision to revise the "Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses" (Decree No. 139) clearly stipulates that motor vehicle drivers have not scored 12 points in each scoring period during the 6-year validity period of a motor vehicle driving license. , Renew the motor vehicle driver's license for a period of 10 years; during the 10-year validity period of the motor vehicle driver's license, if no 12-point score is recorded in each scoring period, a long-term valid motor vehicle driver's license will be renewed.

To get this "life-long effective" driver's license, it's still a bit difficult! In case of accidentally missed two red lights in 365 days a year, 12 points will be gone. Remember, points can be limited.

The following is a few reminders of the small series, you deserve to have!

1 Where is the replacement of driver's license?

Service Desk Changzhou Wujin Second-hand car trading market service center on the third floor can apply for driver's license replacement business. Address: No. 5, Yanzheng Middle Avenue, Hutang Town, Wujin District (opposite Wujin Education Building).

2 How to apply for a new permit?

The driver of a motor vehicle shall apply for replacement of the vehicle management office of the place where the motor vehicle driver's license is issued within 90 days prior to the expiry of the valid period of the driving license of the motor vehicle. Wujin second-hand car trading market service center on the third floor service desk to complete the application form, and submit the following certificates, certificates:

(i) Identification of the motor vehicle driver's identity,

(b) Motor vehicle driving licenses,

(c) Proof of physical conditions.

(Market service desk provides photo service, can bring their own photos)

3 driver's license annual review new regulations

Motor vehicle drivers over 70 years of age should undergo a physical examination once a year and submit physical condition certification within 30 days after the end of the scoring cycle. Otherwise, the motor vehicle driver's license will be cancelled.

There are two families of Ni-Resist austenitic cast irons. These are the standard or flake graphite alloys and the ductile or spheroid graphite alloys. As time passes, the spheroidal grades, because of higher strength, ductility and elevated temperature properties are becoming more prominent. However, the flake materials with lower cost, fewer foundry problems and better machinabilityand thermal conductivity are still produced by many cast iron foundries. General characteristics of both groups are described bellow.

Corrosion Resistance: The Ni-Resist is specified for handling salt solutions, sea water, mild acids, alkalies and oil field liquids, both sweet and sour. Their corrosion resistance is far superior to that of normal and low alloy cast irons. They are not stainless steel and do not behave as such. They are characterized by uniform corrosion rather than by localized deterioration. 

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Erosion Resistance: Slurries, wet steam and other fluids with entrained solids are substance which is extremely erosive to most metals. Ni-Resist alloy offer a combination of corrosion-erosion resistance which is superior in these environments. They are outstanding when compared to grey cast iron, ductile irons and steel.

Toughness and Low Temperature Stability: Ni-Resist Cast Iron are much superior to grey cast iron, particularly at low temperatures.

Controlled Expansion: Expansivities from as low as 5.0x10 to as high as 18.7x10 cm/cm are possible with the different Ni-Resist alloys. The lower value makes possible a cast metal with low expansivity for precision parts. Also, the range permits matching Ni-Resist castings with many different metals and alloys.

Magnetic and Electrical Properties: Some Ni-Resist iron is non-magnetic. These and others have high electrical resistance. Thus, they are used for resistance grids, electric furnace, in clutches and other applications requiring these properties combined with machinability heat resistance.

Heat Resistance: Originally, because of good heat and oxidation resistance, the flake graphie Ni-Resist alloys were used at temperature up to 700℃. However, because of the superior elevated temperature properties of the spheroidal graphite Ni-Resists, the flake alloys are now seldom used above 315℃. Spheroidal Graphite Ni-Resist austenitic cast iron can be and are used at temperature up to 1050 ℃. Although the ductile alloys are better, all Ni-Resists have relatively low rate of oxidation in air. The resulting oxides adhere tenaciously, further reducing oxidation with time.

Machinability: The machining techniques possible for Ni-Resist castings are similar to those for the higher strength grads of gray cast iron and austenitic stainless steel.

Castability: Complicated and intricate designs that are often difficult to cast in other materials are possible with Ni-Resist iron. This leads to products that are economically produced.

The main application for Ni-Resist is in Gas Turbines and automotive exhaust and turbocharger systems, where temperature fluctuates between 500 and 1050 centigrade. Ni-resist is suitable in these applications because its ductility, hot strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion provide best resistance to such sever thermal shocks.

A&M Manufacturing Co.Ltd.  can provide ductile Ni-resist according to the following standards:

ASTM A571:1984, grade D5S


BS 3468:1986

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