Sewage vehicle suction sewage truck garbage truck tire maintenance knowledge

National IV suction truck sewage suction vehicle garbage truck tire maintenance knowledge Hubei Dicheng Special Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional special car manufacturers suction truck manufacturers, the main production and sales of various suction trucks, sewage suction trucks, sprinklers, transport Oil and gas vehicles, fuel trucks, garbage trucks, road sweepers, high-pressure cleaners, etc., sanitation trucks and flatbed trucks, aerial work vehicles, road wreckers, chemical liquid transporters, food waste disposers, refrigerated trucks, and vans , lorry cranes, bulk cement trucks and other special vehicles.

How to maintain the national four suction truck sewage suction truck garbage truck tires?

First, check tire pressure regularly;

Tire pressure is an important factor affecting the life of the tire. Do not over- or under-inflate. Inflate according to the tire pressure indicated by the vehicle.

In the summer, try to lower the tire pressure. In the winter, try to make sure that the tire gas of the car is more than that of summer tires. Because the tires are easy to expand and contract, it will be more comfortable and safe to drive.

The second is to always pay attention to the tire's wear sign;

The wear sign of the tire is located in each main drainage groove of the tire and is a rubber boss with a trapezoidal cross section.

When the tread is worn to the level of the wear mark, the tire must be replaced. In rainy days, in order to prevent vehicles from slipping on wet roads, the depth of the tread must be maintained at 3mm or more.

The third is the timely removal of foreign objects inside the tire;

Tire patterns often have foreign objects such as pebbles stuck inside. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they will cause blockages in the groove of the tread pattern, and drainage slippage will have an effect.

In addition, story of pebbles is easy to splash when car runs at high speed. Therefore, foreign objects in the tires should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Fourth, rotating tires on time;

Tires also have a shelf life, because tire-type rubber products will also gradually age with the passage of time. The shelf life of tires is generally about four years, and the performance of tires will be greatly reduced after aging.

Fifth, regular tire rotation;

The wear level of front wheels and rear wheels of each car is generally not the same, and the left and right wear will also be different. When we find that the vehicle is subject to deviation, steering wheel sinking or other abnormal steering problems, we need to Tire Jincheng positioning has been adjusted.

Four-wheel alignment can better ensure that the four tires of the vehicle are evenly stressed, thus avoiding excessive wear.

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