Why German car tank port is on the right and Japanese and Korean cars are on the left

With regard to the distribution of car fuel tanks, I believe that many vehicle owners have such questions: Why are the positions of tank ports inconsistent? In general, the fuel tank mouth of the German car is on the right, and the Japanese and Korean cars are on the left. Why, then, should the fuel tank be divided into two types, when the overall structure of the car is basically the same? What factors determine the position of the tank port? The following Xiao Bian will give you a detailed explanation.

1. Stabilize body balance

In countries such as Germany and Japan where industrial manufacturing technology is more rigorous, product manufacturing strives to be perfect, so it will reach a balance point on the weight of the car body. As we all know, the front engine plus the steering system will make the front of the vehicle very heavy, so the general car uses a rear tank, which is located near the rear seats. At this time, adding the driver's weight to the front side, you need to use the tank to balance out the difference. So the general tank is placed on the driver's diagonal. Therefore, there is a driver's seat in front of a European country, with the fuel tank in the right rear and the Japanese car in front of the driver's seat with the fuel tank at the left rear.

2. Influence of national driving direction

In Germany and Sweden, the vehicle is driven to the right. The fuel filling ports of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Volvo are all on the right. In Japan, the vehicle is on the left, the models of Honda and Toyota are on the filling port. left. However, not all models conform to this rule. For example, South Korea is a country that is driving right, but the type of fuel refueling system in Korean cars is on the left. Some people explained that this was because Korean cars started as imitators of Japanese cars. They also followed the trend when they learned. Even the positions of fueling ports were imitated and they were not modified according to their domestic circumstances.

3. Problems left over by history

When the gas station was not fully promoted in the early days, refueling generally required the driver to carry the oil barrel to solve the problem. If the fuel tank port is located on the same side of the driver's seat, the hidden danger of roadside fueling would increase.

4. How to determine the position of the tank port?

Is there a simple and effective way to quickly know where your car tank is? In fact, this problem has long been thought of for us by designers. We only need to observe the dashboard to see at a glance. The oil gauge area of ​​the car dashboard will have an arrow indicating the location of the driver's tank port. The arrow indicates to the right that the tank port is on the right side of the vehicle and vice versa.

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