Matters needing attention: problems during the forklift driving

Matters needing attention: problems during the forklift driving

Introduction: Forklifts are industrial transport vehicles. They are all kinds of wheeled transport vehicles that handle loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transport of palletized pallets. There are several points to note when starting a car and driving:

(1) If any unusual phenomenon is found during driving, it shall be immediately stopped and checked, and the malfunction shall be promptly corrected; the fork carrying man and the trailer shall not be allowed to carry people;

(2) To horn when starting and turning, to slow down and pay attention to safety when turning, downhill, uneven road surface, or through a narrow passage;

(3) When driving, it should be gradually accelerated, not allowed to drive at low speed for a long time;

(4) Never move the direction switch while driving, only after the vehicle has stopped. Can switch the direction switch to change. Emergency braking should be avoided as much as possible. In case of emergency, the knife switch should be pulled down quickly, and the brake pedal should be depressed to stop immediately;

(5) When starting, should first close the emergency switch, open the electric lock, and then pull the position of the direction switch, the number, and then slowly start and gradually accelerate, prohibit the fast stepping on the speed pedal to start, in case the starting current is too large And burn out the motor;

(6) When driving on the road, it should be on the right side. The goods of the forklift should be about 100~200mm away from the ground and the mast should be in the backward position. When the two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, they should maintain a distance of more than 2m.

(7) When multiple forklifts are driving on the platform, the distance between the front and back shall be more than 5m. When the same direction is used on the narrower platform, parallel operation shall be strictly prohibited and the distance from the platform edge shall be more than 0.3m;

(8) When a forklift is towing a trailer, continuous curve driving is prohibited to avoid large-current discharge and affect safety; no matter whether it is full, no-load, uphill, or downhill, it is forbidden to drive in reverse; when turning, it should be slowed down to avoid cargo falling. At the same time, pay attention to the difference in the inner race to prevent the trailer from scratching the inside or driving out of the road;

(9) Under normal circumstances, the battery forklift truck running motor and pump motor are forbidden to work at the same time to prolong the service life of the battery;

(10) When the working voltage is lower than the minimum limit voltage of the vehicle, it shall be stopped and charged in time;

(11) Before driving, the driver should first inspect and clean the site and passage to make it suitable for forklift operations and driving.

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