Numerical Control Machine (Milling Machine) All Square Milling Machine Safety Technical Code of Practice

First, the operator should be specially trained to hold post operation certificate.

Second, strictly in accordance with the operating instructions specified in the machine tool instructions for operation, check the various operating buttons before driving, the safety and security devices sensitive and reliable before they can work.

Third, on the table is not allowed to place floating objects, after driving the first low-speed operation for 2 minutes, so that the various parts of the normal lubrication, and then start work.

Fourth, before starting processing, it is necessary to correctly understand the content and processing steps of the processing program programmed by the programmer, read the drawings, carry out the processing, and check the correctness of the program before putting it into the test.

5. Prior to the machining of parts on CNC machine tools, a reference surface with a finish of 6 or more shall be machined, and the necessary positioning base holes shall be provided. The surface finish of the horn plate used shall be 6 or more to prevent damage to the accuracy of the table.

Sixth, in the machine tool processing of large quantities of parts products and trial Addition, paired processing of large-scale workpieces should first use substitutes for test cut, programmers must participate in the scene to participate in the adjustment of the processing procedures and test cut, in accordance with the results of the trial cut in time Processing procedures and processes to ensure that each piece is qualified in the future.

VII. After passing the trial cut of the processing program, the operator shall not arbitrarily modify the processing program.

VIII. During the processing, the working table shall not be placed with other redundant objects. It is not allowed to use the table directly to face the knife. When approaching the surface of the workpiece to be machined with 15-20 mm, it is not allowed to enter the knife and it is forbidden to scratch the working table.

9. It is forbidden to use a hammer to strike tightly the vise. Indexing plates and machine parts and accessories shall not be used to directly stop the rotation of the machine tool. The worktable on the lifting workpiece shall be slow and light, and must not hit the machine table.

X. In the event of a collision or failure, the site shall be protected and immediately reported to the school leader for on-site treatment and troubleshooting.

11. When the machine tool is working, it is not allowed to leave the post without authorization.

Twelve, the use of machine tools to be carefully filled out records, the work is completed every day to seriously clean the machine, sliding parts coated with oil, finishing the job site.

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