LED standard setting work is being carried out in an orderly manner

Although China's LED lighting industry is in full swing, the development of standards is also carried out in an orderly manner. However, the following issues should also be noted in the development of LED lighting product standards and implementation: 1. According to China's classification of standards in terms of level, form and classification The LED standard briefly includes two parts: application standards and product standards. LED application standards are mainly embodied in China's lighting engineering construction standards system. The system has been established relatively well, and different lighting venues have been formulated or are in the process of developing corresponding standards. The standard system for lighting engineering construction requires that lighting must meet the operational requirements, not the product itself. It is suitable for a variety of lighting source products. It does not include the requirements for LED lighting products in detail, failing to highlight the high efficiency, energy saving and long life of LEDs. Features.
2. It is necessary to strengthen the tracking and research of international standards and foreign advanced standards, and strive to adopt international advanced standards to improve the level of China's standards. At present, the basis of China's lighting electrical appliances, testing and safety standards are closely combined with international standards. The mining rate is above 90, and it is basically equivalent. The standard level is relatively high and belongs to the international level. However, the adoption level of performance standards is significantly lower than the safety standards, most of which are equivalent or reference adoption. Mainly some performance indicators are determined according to the actual situation of China's product quality level, and there are some gaps with the international level. For LED lighting product standards, we should strengthen the tracking and analysis of international standards and foreign advanced standards, so that China's standard level is consistent with international standards from the beginning, in order to improve China's standard level and product international market competitiveness.
3. Strengthen the main basic research work on the development of relevant standards. China basically adopts the following principles in the formulation of LED standards: all safety standards related to personal and property safety are equivalent to the use of international standards, such as IEC, performance requirements for photometric standards and individual commonly used lamps, and technical requirements for other components of important lamps. Standards (the CIE-International Commission on Illumination and the IESNA-North American Lighting Society) and domestic specific conditions establish standards that are appropriate for national conditions, but participation in the international standard setting process is generally low. In order to develop LED lighting standards with independent intellectual property rights, there must be some major basic research. For example, the determination of the acceleration factor of the LED life test, the optical, colorimetric test, the color rendering, the light distribution and other technical conditions of the LED illumination, etc., otherwise the relevant standards cannot be formulated. In addition, we should actively carry out research on foreign semiconductor lighting technology standards, organize specialized organizations, conduct special research on the project, and provide basis and reference for the formulation of relevant standards in China, and propose how to cooperate with relevant foreign institutions to develop relevant standards. Prevent monopoly, formulate a unified policy, and integrate with international standards as soon as possible.
4. With the rapid development of the LED lighting industry, the technical level of each industry chain is continuously improved, the product quality is getting better and better, and the application range is more and more extensive. The demand for high-efficiency lighting products and high-quality lighting environment is also increasing. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for standard work, that is, the standards should be revised and maintained according to the development of the products, and the products should be continuously increased. Strict requirements, improve the lighting efficiency of the products, so that the standard revision and revision work has always been at the forefront of promoting the industrial upgrading of the LED lighting industry.
5. Standards should be closely aligned with the market. Due to the rapid development of the LED industry, the current LED industry, especially the downstream LED lighting industry, is in a chaotic situation. In the field of LED lighting, due to the lack of national LED lighting standards, there is no uniform standard in the industry, and there is no consistency in the product's nominality. At the same time, this has caused the threshold for entering the LED lighting field to be very low. The influx has led to a dangerous market for LED lighting. The LED standards formulated by the state need to be based on the actual needs of enterprises and the development of the whole industry. It is the most important to formulate LED standards that have practical driving effects on the development of the entire LED industry. It is necessary to clearly grasp the development of the industry in the process of formulating LED standards. The only way to develop a realistic LED standard is to do so. Only by formulating standards that conform to the development trend of the industry can we better play the role of the standard in promoting and standardizing the development of the LED industry.

Standing Seam aluminum roof panel roll forming machine for India market is the special equipment for continuous rolling and cold-forming on steel sheet. It adopts Pre-painted, galvanized, or aluminum steel sheet as the raw material, decoiler, feeding and leveling machine, main roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting to the size and specification according to customer's requirements, and output the finished panels. This machine adopts PLC control, AC frequency and adjusting the speed technology, and it realizes the continuous automatically production, therefore, it is really a new type of energy-saving and high-effective producing equipment for steel structure. 


Raw material Pre-painted coils, Galvanized coils, Aluminum coils
Material thickness range 0.2-1mm
Rollers 12-20 rows
Material of rollers 45# steel with chromed
Shaft diameter and material 70mm, material is 40 Cr
Forming speed 10-15m/min
Material of cutter blade Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment 58-62℃
Main motor power 4KW
Hydraulic motor power 3KW
Voltage 380V/3Phase/5Hz
Total weight about 3 tons
Controlling system PLC

Working process:

working process

Decoiler - Feeding guide - Main roll forming machine - PLC control system - Hydraulic cutting - Receiving table

Pictures for machine:

standing seam

YX51-380-760 standing seam

YX40-300.305.400.500 standing seam

Standing seam Standing seam

standing seam

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2. QT test is welcome and professional.
3. manual and using guide is optional if no visiting and no installation. 

Certification and after service:

1. Match the technology standard, ISO producing certification 
2. CE certification 
3. 12 months warranty since the delivery. Board. 

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3. Interface customized. 

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

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