Two new industry standards for professional lighting

The WH/T40-2011 "Stage Lighting System Process Design Guidelines" and WH/T41-2011 "General Technical Conditions for Stage Lighting" drafted by the China Performing Arts and Equipment Technology Association Performance Venue Equipment Professional Committee have been standardized by the Chinese people. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic issued and will be implemented on June 1, 2011.

The "Guidelines for Process Design of Stage Lighting Systems" provides a principled description of the lighting design and technical requirements of the basic framed stage, which is suitable for the process design of the stage lighting system in the new and reconstructed theater. This standard will give the stage lighting process designers a certain design basis, and will also guide the design concept and technology, which will play a certain role in the improvement of the level of theater construction in China.

"General Technical Conditions for Stage Lighting" is a comprehensive basic technical standard for stage lighting. This standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, inspection rules, and marking, packaging, transportation and storage methods for some types of stage lighting. It has certain guiding significance with improving the technical level of domestic stage lighting.

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