Say goodbye to the analysis of the market of overload semi-trailer concrete mixer

At the just-concluded 2012 Shanghai Bauma exhibition, Liebherr, the giant concrete mixer, and the domestic Hengtian Lida Automobile all brought semi-trailer concrete mixers to the exhibition site, attracting the attention of many people in the industry. Compared with traditional bicycles, what are the features of semi-trailer mixers? Does this car adapt to the needs of the domestic market?

In the current domestic concrete mixer market, conventional truck chassis conversion mixers have so far been used. With the development of the market and fierce competition in recent years, the capacity of domestic manufacturers' tanks has increased. The effective volume of the 6x4 mixer truck is generally about 8-9 square meters, and the 8x4 chassis is about 12 square meters. In today's market, the 6x4 chassis is 12 squares, which is quite common, and the 8x4 chassis is 16 square. 18, the vicious competition in the market has exacerbated the increase in the morbidity of mixer trucks.

Calculated in accordance with the specific gravity of concrete 2.5 tons per cubic meter, the weight of the 6x4 mixer tank loading 12 squares is 25 tons, plus the weight of the vehicle itself is about 9 tons, has exceeded the total allowable weight of the 3-axle vehicle, and the overload of the 8x4 mixer truck The phenomenon is more serious. These overloaded mixer trucks are driven every day in the city. The concrete in the tank increases the height of the vehicle's center of gravity to a great extent. Examples of rollover of the mixer truck are common.

At present, in the domestic market, the use of high-capacity mixer trucks in the North Plains is more common. The main reason for this is the smooth road surface and wide roads. In the southern region, the tank volume of the mixer truck is relatively small compared to the northern region, with a 6x4 chassis. Mixer trucks are the mainstream. This is also because many cities in the south have narrow streets and ramps on the roads. Large-capacity mixer trucks can easily leak materials when climbing, leading directly to environmental pollution and concrete loss.

Semi-trailers have long been popular in Europe and the United States for many years, because in these countries the requirements for axle load are relatively strict. In Germany, Liebherr's 8x4 chassis mixer has only 9 effective volumes. The semi-trailer increases the number of axles while increasing the volume of the tank with respect to the bicycle, and reduces the damage to the road surface of the vehicle. However, at home, it is still a new thing and it may take some time for the user to accept it before perhaps it can open the market.

Liebherr's trailer section of the HTM1204L semi-trailer at the Bauma show featured twin-axle tires with a width of 425/65 R22.5 to reduce dead weight. When the heavy concrete is loaded, the effective volume of the tank is 12 square meters and that of the lightweight concrete is 12.9 square meters.

In terms of product selling prices, semi-trailer mixers are more expensive than conventional truck chassis mixers, which is a hindrance to the development of such vehicles in the country. In terms of road use environment, the use of the vehicle in northern areas is obviously more favorable than in the south.

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