Changzhou Drying Enterprise Co-operation Project

Recently, at the Drying Industry and Technology Industry Forum in Changzhou, a batch of drying equipment companies signed research contracts for cooperation in production, education and research. Green drying, energy saving and emission reduction are the biggest features of this contracting project.
Among the five industry-university research and docking projects that participated in the centralized signing, Changzhou One-Step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. accounted for 3, namely: in cooperation with Dalian University of Technology, developed the technology for the sludge drying and incineration plant of the city and cooperated with the Shenyang Chemical Research Institute. The research and development of a new energy-saving air dryer and the signing of a letter of intent on cooperation in production, education and research with China Agricultural University. In addition, Changzhou Yimin Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. and the Henan University of Science and Technology Food College, Changzhou Pioneer Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. and the Hebei Academy of Sciences Energy Research Institute also reached the intention of cooperation in production, research and development.
Experts attending the meeting stated that R&D is an important source of competitive advantage for dry companies. For the drying equipment manufacturers, the R&D field should focus on meeting the new demands of the market for drying equipment, such as the changes in the energy structure of the society and the requirements for new dry heat sources. In addition, drying equipment should also be improved in terms of energy efficiency and quality of dried products. High drying energy consumption, aiming at green drying, energy saving and emission reduction should be the innovation direction of drying equipment manufacturers in China. On the one hand, advanced energy-saving technologies should be vigorously promoted to the drying industry through the cooperation of production, education, and research, such as the development of intelligent combined drying systems, and the most reasonable use of energy is achieved by adjusting parameters and drying methods for different drying sections of a material. On the other hand, we must actively develop drying equipment that uses solar energy, wind energy, and other renewable energy sources as heat sources to reduce the use of fossil fuels. In addition to saving energy and reducing consumption, the concept of “green drying” also includes reducing the emission of waste, as well as improving the quality of dried products, reducing the rate of rejects, and improving the efficiency of resource utilization.

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