Handle groove butterfly valve design novel and unique

Groove butterfly valve, also known as groove handle butterfly valve, handle groove butterfly valve, has the advantages of rapid installation, simple and reliable, light weight, flexible operation, easy maintenance and so on. Handle groove butterfly valve not only has good sealability, but also has the quickness to connect with the pipe fittings. It adopts foreign advanced technology and the company has repeatedly improved the design. The handle of the groove handle butterfly valve cooperates with the flow plate installed on the valve body to control the flow of the fluid. The valve body is made of ductile cast iron and the body pressure resistance is 2.7MPa. Widely used in water supply and drainage, firefighting, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel and other pipelines as a truncation or adjustment.
The overall design of the grooved butterfly valve is novel and unique, proportionally coordinated, and practical. It is now an option for the valve industry. Both ends of the valve are connected to the fluid pipe with clamps. Compared with the previous flange connection or clip connection, Saves manufacturing materials and follows China's strategy and policy for energy conservation and emission reduction. Easy to install, fast, reliable and so on.
Handle groove butterfly valve has fast, simple, safe and reliable installation, is not limited by the installation site, and is convenient for the maintenance of pipelines and valves. It has vibration isolation and sound insulation, and it has different angles to overcome the difference in the pipeline connection to produce a similar difference. Solve the temperature difference caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The handle groove butterfly valve sealing performance is reliable, not limited by the medium injection (two-way sealing, large flow area, flow resistance coefficient, flow capacity. The butterfly board uses the overall package of anti-aging anti-radiation, durability and other advantages.

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