Instrumentation in the movie

Instrumentation in the movie In our lives, various kinds of instruments and meters are indispensable, ranging from everyday items to large precision instruments. In the Zodiac, which recently led the 2013 Lunar New Year file, countless instruments are also involved.

We are talking about this line. If we say that there are high-tech products in the film, basically there are components in instrumentation. Regardless of science and technology investment or visual effects, this is an undisputed blockbuster. Here is a preliminary list of Jackie Chan used high-tech products, let us preliminary understanding of this large-scale investment. Jackie Chan's unknown "single transport", glasses with perspective and analysis capabilities, detectable gloves, wireless tracking devices, metal detectors and other equipment have been "photographed", people dizzying, and a variety of small high-tech It is even more numerous. There is reason to believe that this input figure is huge, and many technological devices are rarely used in current life, and some are even more unheard of. Jackie Chan's older brother, who has reached a year of innocence, seems to be really under the skin. Although he hasn’t had any youthfulness in his personal skills, he can still interpret the true qualities of comedy and martial arts through high-tech use. This is a film that can really make the audience see the input. Through the use of high technology, it highlights the strong modern and future atmosphere. It is a new realm than some films that claim to have high input but bring viewers to “keep a pit feeling”. And many of them have guiding significance in solving some of the "illnesses" in daily life. In peacetime, we are always trying to find a new solution when we complain about urban traffic. In the movie, Jackie Chan’s first shot is a bright spot. It is a single-person vehicle that has never appeared before. Even if we don’t know the principle of it, we don’t know if this “rare thing” will bring back some The business mind of a businessman? We hope that we will have this kind of product in the near future. This is followed by spectacles with analytical functions. This is the high-tech technology that several generations of scientists have dreamed of designing. At this time it appears in movies. It is not known whether it is an exaggeration technique in movies or it has actually invented such high technology. At least We still do not have such products on the website. However, we have reason to believe that with the development of science and technology, such products will appear in our lives in the near future. In short, people who have seen it generally feel good, but of course they also feel the same way. Xiao Bian here only from the perspective of instrumentation industry to analyze, this is definitely the pinnacle of instrumentation, at least from the high-tech input: Yes.

Having just experienced the legendary 2012 doomsday, the disaster in the dream did not appear, but it may indicate that human science and technology are about to enter a new period of scientific and technological development, and the instrumentation industry is clearly the core one in the application of science and technology. Link. Just at this time the "Chinese Zodiac" was released, and many of the high technologies that emerged, which may be an indispensable part of daily life in the future. It is also that some products have slowly entered our daily lives through such large films. All areas.

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