Carpentry Engineering Four Points for Attention

Carpentry works include package pipes, ceilings, door pockets, wooden doors, and closed cabinets. These items are related to timber. The key points to note during construction are as follows:
1. The raw material used for all carpentry activities in a room, Daxin Ban, shall not exceed a total of 20 sheets. Formaldehyde is the best preservative to keep wood products from drying out. Therefore, wood products will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. Although we choose to pay special attention to whether it is within the national allowable content, if we accumulate 20 or more, The amount of pollution is also quite scary.
2, all the woodworking must brush fireproof coating! Most nails now have a rust-proof layer and can be selectively brushed.
3, to make a cupboard for yourself to find a good oil workers, especially to do a mix of oil cabinets have to find a good master!
4, the most important thing is the durability of woodworking, so if you need to use glue, it is best to buy some good quality glue.

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