Ballastless Track Construction Begins at the 15th Bureau of China Railways

Ballastless Track Construction Begins at the 15th Bureau of China Railways China Railway Construction Bureau of the 15th Bureau of the Daxi Passenger Special Project is working on the bridge to carry out the construction of the cutting of the beam surface and the reinforcement of the base plate reinforcement.

The pre-war pre-war construction section of the Datong-Xi'an Railway Passenger Dedicated Line constructed by China Railway 15th Bureau Group is located in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. The line runs across Pingyao, Jiexiu and Lingshi counties (cities), 9 townships and 36 natural villages. The total length of the line is 49.582 kilometers, of which the total length of the subgrade works is 17.870 kilometers, and there are 21 mainline bridges (8 special bridges, 9 bridges, and 4 bridges). The total length is 27.835 kilometers. There are 4 double-line tunnels with a total extension of 3858.8 meters. , Newly built three stations, the total project cost 3.51 billion yuan.

Compared with the traditional ballasted track, the ballastless track of the railway passenger dedicated line has outstanding characteristics such as high track stability, good rigidity uniformity, strong structural durability, and significant reduction in maintenance workload. The development of ballastless track technology is one of the important measures for China’s railways to rapidly upgrade their technological equipment and realize leapfrog development. The construction of ballastless track is the most critical link in the construction of the entire passenger dedicated line project, and the quality of the project directly affects the stability and safety of the passenger car. The construction process is complicated and the technical requirements are high, especially the precision requirements are extremely high. Construction is difficult. Datong-Xi'an Railway Passenger Dedicated Line uses a CRTS-I double-block ballastless track structure, which is constructed using a rail-framed method.

In order to ensure the smooth construction of ballastless track construction in this project, the headquarters of the 15th Bureau of West China Railways has planned and actively mobilized. In addition to purchasing and refurbishing materials and equipment, it also organizes related personnel to focus on training and has begun to work. The company has conducted technical research and other multi-channel and multi-modal technical reserves. At the same time, it has held several technical seminars to discuss relevant construction plans, to achieve the dual purposes of optimizing construction plans and training employees, and to improve the management of ballastless track construction. technical skills. Among them, the 15th Bureau of the 15th Bureau of the China Railway Group and the Daxi Project Department of the 6th Company responsible for the specific construction also carried out practical exercises on the construction plan and accumulated more construction experience.

The Datong-Xi'an Railway Passenger Dedicated Line is an important part of the Mid-and-long-term Railway Network Plan of the country. The line starts from Datong, Shanxi, passes through nine cities in two provinces, and reaches Xi’an, Shaanxi, with a total length of 859 kilometers and a designed speed of 250 kilometers. Hours, project investment estimates total 96.33 billion yuan. After completion, it can realize passenger and cargo sub-transportation from Datong to Xi'an Railway Passage, greatly increase the capacity and quality of channel transportation, and promote the sustainable development of local regional economy. The operation time of passenger trains between Datong and Xian will be compressed from more than 16 hours to more than 3 hours.

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