The pace of technological innovation in the bearing industry to accelerate the trend of clustering is even more obvious

The content "China exceeded its original business income of 84 billion yuan in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and the total economic output of 8 billion sets of bearings in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" two years ahead of schedule." June 26, Honorary Chairman of China Bearing Industry Association Zhang Xiaofan stated at a general meeting of the six members of the association that China's bearing industry has made great progress in various tasks and the industry has achieved rapid and steady development, becoming the third largest bearing manufacturing country in the world.

Accelerating the pace of technological innovation At present, China's bearing companies have been able to produce more than 70,000 kinds of bearing specifications, which can meet the domestic 80% major equipment and key host supporting needs, and some of the company's products have reached or approached the level of similar domestic and international products, and began Enter the host market of Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

The supporting bearings for aerospace, aerospace, and defense industries represented by "Shenzhou Spaceship" and "Chang'e I" have been 100% based in China and have completely independent intellectual property rights. Advanced blank forming technology, controlled atmosphere heat treatment technology, CNC cutting technology, grinding and ultra-precision R & D production line equipment and CAD, CAPP, CAM, PDM, quality control SPC technology in the industry to promote the overall application.

Zhang Yufan said that the industry has more than 1,000 grinding superfinishing and automatic assembly production lines, and 275 new products developed for the country's 16 major technical projects have been successfully completed. High-precision Sonegie Mill rolling mill bearings and large rolling mill bearings , Oversized slewing bearings, Waxshaft and other companies supporting the production of wind turbine bearings, Luoyang LYC weight 16.7 tons, 6.07 meters in diameter large wheel bearings, seven kinds of Ha-axis "Shenzhou" rocket bearing and a large number of new products R&D has made breakthrough progress.

In addition, self-developed automotive wheel hub bearings, such as Z-axis and universal money tide, have successfully entered the main car market. “In the past four years, the industry has obtained 879 authorized patents, of which 73 are invention patents. The total number of patents has increased by 723 compared to 2005.” Zhang Yufan said.

The technology innovation system of the industry-university-research-industry industry supported by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Henan University of Science and Technology, and five recognized enterprise technology centers in the industry, six post-doctoral research stations, and nine nationally recognized laboratories has taken shape. The overall strength of the industry Get promoted.

Although the impact of the financial crisis on the bearing industry began to appear in June last year. From January to April this year, the bearing industry realized a total profit of 630 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 29.94%. However, the profit in April increased by 44.94% month-on-month. Although it was lower than the month-on-month decline in March, it still showed a positive growth, and the efficiency is showing an optimistic upward trend. Zhang Yufan believes that under the influence of the international financial crisis, the contradiction between the lack of periodic market demand and the intensification of domestic and foreign market competition will be very prominent. But at the same time, it is an opportune time for the industry to deepen reforms, adjust the structure, and upgrade the industry. The China Bearing Industry Association predicts that the total economic growth of China's bearing industry in 2009 will be around 10%.

The economic scale is growing. In reviewing the development process over the past four years, Zhang Xiaofan said that during the four years between 2005 and 2008, the industry’s total product sales revenue and bearing output increased by an average of 18.52% and 19.52%, achieving a rapid growth of the industry.

In 2008, China's export bearings reached 3.39 billion sets, an increase of 2.75% over the previous year; exports earned 2.97 billion US dollars, an increase of 38.07% over the previous year; imported bearings were 1.58 billion, a decrease of 0.73% over the previous year; and the use of foreign exchanges reached 2.69 billion US dollars. An increase of 24.99% over the previous year. The trade surplus reached 280 million U.S. dollars, a record high.

All economic types of enterprises in the industry have developed rapidly. Large-scale state-owned enterprises represented by tile axes have maintained a strong momentum of development and have become the backbone of the industry. Private enterprises represented by Tianma, Wan Qian Qian Chao and Ren Ben have developed rapidly. . At the end of 2008, the proportion of state-owned, private, and foreign-funded enterprises in the industry was 14:66:20, and the proportion of private enterprises increased by 16%, becoming a new force in the industry.

The trend of clustering is even more pronounced. Zhang Yufan said that in recent years, China's bearing industry has gradually formed the characteristics of regional development, and production capacity, product level, and professional cooperation capabilities have been further improved. By the end of last year, there were 114 enterprises whose main business income exceeded 100 million yuan in the industry, an increase of 48 companies from 66 companies in 2005, and the main business income was 55.55 billion yuan, more than doubled to 27.7 billion yuan, accounting for The proportion of the whole industry also increased from 61% in 2005 to 63.13%.

Typical areas include the major equipment bearings in the Wafangdian area of ​​Liaoning, the production and research clusters of bearings and components in Luoyang, the precision medium and small bearings in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the needle roller bearings and bearing equipment in Jiangsu, and the bearing blanks in Zhejiang, and Liaocheng in Shandong. Bearing frame and so on.

Among them, Wafangdian was awarded the title of “China Bearing Capital”; Luosha Group successfully implemented policy-based bankruptcy and formed Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd., and reformed and reformed after restructuring. In 2008, the main business income has reached 3.32 billion yuan. , more than doubled from 16.2 billion yuan in 2005.

In addition, Tianma Group acquired Chengdu Bearing and acquired Hongshan Bearing and Beiren Bearing. It also acquired Qizhong CNC machine tools across industries. Ningbo Morse Group established the North Company in the northeast and invested in the production of large-scale precision bearings, turntable bearings and automotive bearings. After acquiring the bearing factories in Hangzhou and Wuhu, Renmin Group also acquired Huangshi Bearing Factory, which further expanded the scale of capital.

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