Geely Emgrand's first MPV product is expected to be available in the first half of next year

Recently, the reporter discovered in an interview with Geely Auto's largest production base, the Emgrand Jinan Plant, that next to the EC8 model production line, the production line of Geely's first MPV model, the Emgrand EV8, has also been completed. The model is expected to be available in the first half of next year.

From 2009 onwards, Geely has established three brand strategies that are no longer limited to the former "oldest three" and "new three" brands, but instead assigns Geely's original models to the Global Hawk and British brands. And created a brand new emperor, and by 2012, the sale of the British and Global Hawk models (that is, the original Geely brand products) will be out of the market, replaced by new models.

Since its inception, Emgrand has shouldered the heavy responsibility of helping Geely enhance its brand and open up the mid- to high-end segment market. After three years of hard work, Emgrand became the best-selling brand of Geely Automobile. Its EC7 model topped the list of Geely's three major brand models. Compared with other self-owned brands, the two models of Emgrand also walked The top sales.

According to the latest data, in the first nine months of this year, the Emgrand brand relied on the only two car products EC7 and EC8 to achieve a sales volume of more than 80,000 units, a step away from the sales target of 100,000 units this year. Chen Ming, Director of National Sales of the Geely Emgrand EC8 Department, told reporters that although there is a certain amount of pressure to complete the annual sales target, it can still be achieved. According to the reporter's understanding, in the overall sales of the Emgrand brand, the EC7 is still the absolute main force and has undertaken nearly 80% of sales.

As early as the proposed strategic transformation, Geely Automobile made it clear that it will achieve the goal of 2 million sales in 2015. To achieve this goal, Geely Automobile Research Institute plans to introduce 40 models to enrich the product lines of the three major brands of Geely. , To provide consumers with more diversified choices and to expand terminal sales. Geely Automobile insiders told reporters that for the sales target of 2 million vehicles, Geely still hopes that the three major brands can develop simultaneously and evenly distribute sales tasks, while the 40 models will also be evenly distributed to various brands.

It is understood that the Geely brand-new SUV models EX7 and EX8 that have already been identified will all be produced under the Global Hawk brand, while the Emgrand brand will take over MPV models such as EV8 and EV7. Chen Ming said that in the future, Dorsett will continue to expand its product line, launching a slightly smaller EC6 sedan than the EC7, and an EC9 with a longer wheelbase than the EC8.

Adverse against the market Although Geely's plans for its three major brands have gradually become clearer, but with the joint venture brand prices down, as well as the impact of joint venture brands, the competition for self-owned brand models needs to face fiercer competition, especially As the advance brand of the Geely automotive brand promotion, the Emgrand brand, how to ensure competitiveness and stabilize the market position has become a problem that cannot be ignored at present.

“This year is indeed the most difficult time for independent brands, and the market share of independent brands has been declining.” Chen Ming admits that, just like the slogan of the imperial brand, “breaking the new pattern” has become a key point in firming the brand position.

Looking at the current high-end models of self-owned brands, apart from the Pentium B70 and Roewe 750, sales of most models are unsatisfactory or unstable. Due to the lack of brand power, most of the high-end products of their own brands can only rely on price cuts to ensure sales, but this actually has a negative impact on the brand.

Informed sources frankly admitted that Geely also adopted a low-price strategy early on, although it brought a certain amount of sales, but caused great harm to the brand, in the minds of consumers also set a low-end impression, which became the emperor brand to promote EC8 encountered The main resistance.

Chen Ming said that the growth of the emperor in the market, in fact, is not Geely's own business, but related to the entire independent brand, if the emperor is successful, other independent brands in the high-end models reference experience will also be successful. "I always told my sales team that Pentium can sell well. We can. Consumers can accept a car, it means they can accept this series, this type of other car." He said.

According to industry insiders, to make breakthroughs in self-owned brands, the first step is to continue to accumulate in the brand, strengthen brand power, eliminate consumers' purchase doubts, and obtain their recognition. Technology and services must all develop in tandem. It is the most important for consumers to accept them with confidence.

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