China National Machinery and China National Petroleum Corporation highly valued the long-distance pipeline compressor

Fill the domestic gap, achieve major breakthroughs in technology, and reach the international leading level. On October 18, commissioned by the National Energy Administration, China Machinery Industry Federation and CNPC Group held a new product appraisal meeting for natural gas long-distance pipeline compressors in Shengu, and made the above-mentioned natural gas long-distance pipeline compressor developed by Shengu. Highly determined conclusions.

The appraisal committee consisting of 9 invited experts from the industry carefully listened to the 7 long-distance pipeline compressors developed by Shen Drum for the West-East Gas Pipeline Project (Dingyuan, Guazhou, Yongchang, Urumqi, Huangqi, The research report on the development of Gaoling and Huaiyang was reviewed, the relevant technical documents were reviewed, and the test site was examined.

After expert discussion, it was agreed that the project passed the appraisal conclusion. Experts believe that the main technical indicators of long-distance pipeline compressors have reached the international leading level, and the successful development of the unit is a major breakthrough in the design and manufacturing technology of large-scale centrifugal compressors in China, filling the domestic gap and breaking the long-term dependence on imports of such products. .

Previously, in order to speed up the localization of the natural gas compressor unit in the eastern section of the Second West-East Gas Pipeline Project, the National Energy Administration organized a coordination meeting on the localization of natural gas compressor units in Shengu on October 17-18. China Machinery Industry Federation, relevant departments of CNPC and equipment manufacturing enterprises attended the meeting

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