China National Heavy Duty Science and Technology Association Holds Award Ceremony for Popularization of Science and Technology Workshop, Enhancing Technology Innovation

China National Heavy Duty Science and Technology Association recently held the "China National Heavy Duty Truck Science and Technology Workshop Award Ceremony" at China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Industrial Park, Zhangqiu Industrial Park and Changqing Industrial Park. Three units including Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing Department, Jinan Engine Department and Jinan Truck Assembly Final Assembly won the title of Provincial Popular Science Workshop; 2 units of Jinan Truck Stocks Frame Plant Assembly Plant and Jinan Special Vehicle Company Final Assembly Plant won the municipal science and technology workshop The title of the company, 7 units including the transmission department and the final assembly department of the Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company were rated as the company-level science and technology workshop.

It is understood that since the reform and reorganization of CNHTC Group, under the leadership and support of the upper-level science and technology association and the leadership of the party and government, CNHTC has closely focused on the central task of reform, restructuring, innovation and development of the enterprise. In line with the work philosophy of “Sinosteel and its counterparts in the development and rejuvenation of glory”, it unites and guides the scientific and technical personnel, and actively develops scientific and technological innovation competitions and academic seminars on exchange of ideas and contributions, popularization of science and technology, and science popularization. Workshops and other work and activities have made outstanding contributions to reforming and reorganizing China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation to implement a technology leadership strategy, transfer methods, structural adjustments, achieve sustained and rapid and healthy development, and improve the scientific and cultural quality of the workforce.

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