Baby on board ! Analysis of child safety seats (2)

Baby on board ! Analysis of child safety seats (2) ★ Fourth, how should we buy a child safety seat?

Having said the classification, you must be eager to know how to choose a good child safety seat. In addition to selecting the child safety seat according to the child's size and weight, the most important thing to consider is whether the selected child safety seat is easy to install, whether the brand is hard enough, material and inspection grade.

"ECE certification is Europe's most important child safety seat certification standard"

The intention of buying a child safety seat is to protect children's safety while riding, but if the installation is very complicated and it is not easy to be fixed, the child safety seat will not be protected, even in the event of an accident. Threatening children's safety. The two fixed methods of ISO FIX and LATCH mentioned above are the quickest and safest fixed interfaces.

As for the brand, the world's most well-known child safety seat manufacturers are: Italy CAM and Fair (BMW official recommended child safety seats), Norway BeSafe, the United States Graco, Switzerland Coccoon, Germany Recaro. Among them, the child safety seats sold by the three brands of Swiss Coccoon, Norwegian BeSafe and Italian CAM are all imported products. The German Recaro (specially designed seat manufacturers, from aircraft to car seats it produces) brands in the world because there are a total of four production lines (United States, China, Japan and Germany), so in the domestic sales of some of the brand's children The safety seat may be produced in China.

"The above four figures are internationally renowned child seat manufacturers."

In addition to choosing a brand, the material of the child safety seat is also very important. First of all, it is not possible to choose a child safety seat with pungent odor material. Having a pungent odor means that young children may feel uncomfortable and may also feel uncomfortable. Can stimulate children's soft skin. Second, it is necessary to choose comfortable and breathable fabrics for fireproofing so that children can feel comfortable and safe when they sit in. In the end, the most important thing is the internal filling of the child safety seats. Good child safety seats will use high-quality EPS materials, while inferior child safety seats use only ordinary foam.

What is EPS?

Those who have a certain understanding of the car must be familiar with the term EPS (translated as electric power steering), while in the child safety seat, EPS is a thermoplastic material. EPS is currently the lightest packaging material. Under high load conditions, this material will be bent. When it is shocked or falls on the ground, it can act as a buffer and shockproof; at the same time, due to the thermal conductivity of air. Small and closed in foam and not convective, EPS is a very superior material for thermal insulation.

After selecting the brand and material, we also need to look at this child safety seat to pass the inspection level. At present, the world's most important child safety seat certification level is Europe's ECE R44/04 certification and Ncap. In addition, many manufacturers who specialize in producing child safety seats will also introduce their own certification standards, such as the ASP certification of the Recaro brand in Germany (side crashworthiness certification).

In addition, China will begin implementation of the National Standard for Vehicle occupant restraint systems next year. By then, all domestic automobile manufacturers and seat manufacturers will produce child safety seats that meet this standard. This standard is based in Europe. Based on the ECE R44/04 standard certification, it also means that domestic automobile manufacturers and seat manufacturers must provide seats with ISO FIX fixed interfaces at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose ISO FIX when choosing a child safety seat. Interface seats.

★ Fifth, is the child safety seat installation very troublesome?

Just now and you introduced the child safety seats, there are three ways to fix them. In fact, there are only two ways in which these three methods come together. One is to fix the seat belt and the other is to fix the non-safety belt. Then we will give you a practical demonstration of the installation of the child safety seat below. We will use a Chevrolet Epica 2010 1.8 deluxe AT model for your display, seatbelt fastening and non-safety belt fixing (using ISO FIX as an example).

Seat belt fixing method

Seat belts with fixed seat belts are awkward to use. First, make sure that the seats are installed in the forward or reverse direction. Then place the seats on the seats and secure them with seat belts. Although I say this is relatively simple, but this kind of fixed way is the key point is to use the seat belt to fix the seat on the seat this process. To secure the child safety seat firmly, it is necessary to slowly tighten the seat belt after passing through the seat, paying special attention to tightening the seat belt. In general, it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to install the child safety seat for the first time. It is recommended that the salesperson carefully teach you to use it at the time of purchase.

The advantage of this fixing method is that it is versatile and many children's seats support this type of installation. However, the disadvantage is that the installation is time consuming, complicated, and prolonged use tends to cause loosening.

ISO FIX fixation

The installation of the ISO FIX fixing method is very simple, as long as the ISO FIX interface of the child safety seat is aligned with the reserved mouth of the seat, it can be inserted, and finally the support of the support rod is completed safely. The safety seat that installs this interface can generally be safely completed in 10 minutes. You can easily complete it by reading the manual.

The advantage of this type of fixing method is that rigid link strength is not easily loosened and installation is simple. The disadvantage is that the safety seat must use a special interface, and its versatility is not good.

LATCH fixed mode

The installation process of the interface with ISO FIX is the same as the two standard fixation methods. ISOFIX is compatible with LATCH, that is to say there are seats with LATCH interface that can also be equipped with ISOFIX interface, but only with ISOFIX interface can not use LATCH interface child seat (because of the lack of a fixed point)!

★Six misunderstandings in the use of child safety seats

1, the positive installation of the safety seat can easily observe the situation of children

Just said that the child safety seat can be reversed and it is better to install it in the reverse direction. Why is this? The reason is that in the event of an actual accident, the impact is always towards the front part. Reverse mounting of the child seat allows the child's back to fully contact the child's backrest. This maximizes the impact, while positive installation allows The child's chest is in distracted contact with the seat belt, and the seat belt is always limited in width, which may result in damage to the child's chest.

"Children's mirrors can help you see the activities of children in the back row."

In addition, some parents have to install the child seat in a forward direction so that they can easily see the rear seat children in the safety seat. Of course, this installation is not impossible, but now every family has only one child, you do not want to let your child have any mistakes when it happens! Here, again, and you emphasize that if the child's size can meet the conditions for installing the safety seat backwards, or install the seat later. If you still want to keep track of your child's movements at any time, you can use some accessories to help you observe, such as children's mirrors.

2, seat belt fixed safety seats, once fixed once and for all.

Since many domestic models do not have an ISO FIX fixed interface or a LATCH fixed interface, in many cases, the use of seat belts is more often used. It is also more troublesome to install the seatbelt fixing method, so in many cases, the parents will not remove the seat when it is fixed.

The biggest problem with this is that the vibration of the vehicle makes it easier for child safety seats and seat belts; between the safety seats and the original car seat (especially for leather seats, the smooth surface is more likely to generate slippage), this creates a void that affects the safety seat. The stability of the chair. If you are using a seat belt fixing method to fix the safety seat, please develop a habit of checking the stability of the child seat every week. Although it is troublesome, your child's safety can be held in your hands, Think about it yourself!

3, child safety seats placed in the front passenger seat easy to take care of children

If you put the safety seat in the co-pilot position, don't forget that the co-pilot has an airbag. The force of the airbag's bounce off is not a joke, enough to make your child have a serious lethal danger.

Maybe someone would argue that the co-pilot airbags do not have a locking function? Locked up is not enough. That's right, but something can happen. Should the co-pilot airbag be locked, it will not work for some reason? Be careful to drive a boat for years, or just that, for your child's safety, please install the safety seat behind the rear main and co-pilot and close the child safety lock.

If you think this article is very useful to you, you may wish to collect it and watch it slowly! At the end of the article, again, and you reiterate, if you have children at home, it is best, no! Be sure to use the child safety seat when he (she) is riding a car. After all, the child is the "little sun" and "careful liver" of each family. Although the chances of traffic accidents in our normal lives are not great, everything is scary. If you are afraid of everything, I believe you will save the money of an iPhone and buy a suitable child safety seat for your child. To ensure that he (she) ride more secure!

In addition, the introductory articles for child safety seats will be a series of topics. This article describes the basic situation and installation and use of child safety seats. In the next few articles, we will introduce you to children in domestic automobile models. A summary of the information on the safety seat interface and mainstream child safety seat products, please pay attention in a timely manner.

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