U.S. Rubber Enterprises Consciously Looks at "Green Chemicals"

With the improvement of enterprises’ understanding of sustainable development, the principle of “green chemistry” and the construction of an environment-friendly society are increasingly sought after. In recent years, U.S. companies have been consciously pursuing “green chemical industry”, and they have actively participated in energy conservation and emission reductions from veterans to employees.

Pike Ohio Company: Starting from the floor

Park-Ohio Products Inc. is a rubber product company located in Cleveland, USA. In 2007, some employees of the company took part in the activities of “collecting, recycling, recycling, and helping others” organized by the local community organizations. They spontaneously collected old newspapers and cola cans, donated them to local churches and fire departments, and realized funds to help the disadvantaged of the society. group. Employees were inspired by this activity and they proposed to the management that the company “collects and discards the old”. The enthusiasm of the workers was highly recognized and supported by the management team, and corresponding implementation rules were formulated. Now they recycle an average of 57,000 pounds of waste rubber and 7,000 pounds of corrugated cardboard each month. The use of recyclable or refurbished pallets for the transfer of semi-manufactured goods inside the factory, and the use of recyclable containers for raw materials, has saved the company a significant amount of money each year.

Most of the waste rubber recovered is "starting from the floor cleaning." Wastes that were previously dropped on the ground are often sent to landfills along with garbage. Mark King, the company’s director of marketing and sales, said: “I think this is a good thing for people around us. Employees are the main body of corporate innovation. As long as they are actively involved, each little creative can give you The environment around us is completely new.” Although it is still in its infancy, the company is slowly moving closer to “green companies”.

Gates: Plan for energy savings

Gates Corp. is headquartered in Denver. According to the company's global health, safety and environmental manager Randy Cutler, a few years ago the company set up a high-level “greening” group responsible for formulating various environmental protection measures, including new ones to be put into production. Plant and old factory that has been operating for many years.

The company has a recently opened plant in Virginia, USA and a plant in Iowa that is preparing to install equipment. At the beginning of the new plant project, the company designed the team to design energy-saving programs. The technical proposal for using solar energy was initially proposed, but it was not approved by the company’s senior management because the cost was prohibitive. To this end, Mr. Cutler proposed the following solutions: The heating system uses natural gas instead of oil, which can save 30% to 40% of the cost; production, office installation of energy-saving lighting devices with motion sensors, so you can enjoy the local tax rebate Or tax incentives, and ensure that people go out lights; only air conditioning in the office, other workplaces to cool down with other less costly methods, including air convection and large fans; establish water treatment and water recovery systems, Reduce water consumption and save sewage expenses. The above scheme is also applicable to old plants. If combined with boiler renovation, the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction will be better.

With the help of Gates, many rubber and plastic products companies in North America have taken actions to minimize energy consumption and bring new trends to the industry.

Sid Richardson Carbon Corporation: Environmental issues are a top priority

Sid Richardson Carbon Co. is a carbon black producer. According to Riaz Bismil-la, director of the company's carbon division, the company has always placed priority on environmental issues. "The company's board of directors and senior executives often compare environmental protection with core values." He said, "The company's strategic positioning is to focus on environmental protection, social responsibility and economic development, and seek sustainable development."

In terms of sustainable development and energy conservation, the company has built an energy-saving project that uses exhaust gas at its plant in Texas. Since the completion of the project in July 2006, the cogeneration unit has collected waste heat and converted it to electrical energy. After the project is completed, it will save about 90,000 tons of coal each year (the electricity generated from the use of exhaust gas is equivalent to the amount of electricity generated by burning 90,000 tons of coal). In addition, the project also uses air-cooled condensers instead of traditional water-cooled units, which is estimated to save 125 million gallons of water per year.

The company has also implemented an internal environmental responsibility system, requiring all departments to make a commitment - must comply with national environmental protection regulations. In addition, the company plans to participate as a partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) this year in the Climate''Leaders Program' to reduce greenhouse gas effects.

In addition, the company has decided not to do ISO 14001 certification, and plans to do a stricter, value-added independent system certification than this.

Cold Spray Company: actively promote environmental protection technologies and products

Cold Jet L.LC. has been selling rubber ice blasting machines and providing dry ice production technology to the rubber industry for more than 20 years. It has been an advanced company providing environmental washing technology and services.

According to Tony Lehnig, deputy general manager of R&D, the use of green technology as a selling point is not a major issue. The key is to make the green concept bring benefits to customers, not just technical promotion.

Many years ago, Cold Spray Co., Ltd. successfully developed online washing technology. Its main advantage is that it can be cleaned in the normal production process. Wash the mold. A mold usually takes 6 hours from cooling, cleaning, and resumption of production. However, the company's dry ice blasting technology can save a lot of time, and because of its low solvent consumption, the mold washing system is environmentally friendly.